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About me . . .


Start in November 1992, born in Vienna, I spent my childhood and youth mainly in Vienna and Lower Austria. Over the years I enjoyed nature and freedom at the countryside. Already during my school years I had developed an eye for aesthetics & photography.

During the technical college in Mistelbach my partner at that time Kevin Pajestka & I developed the “Walkassist”. He started a company (Tec-Innovation) with this project in the meantime. The “Walkassist” serves the obstacle recognition for visually handicapped people.

In my youth I was passionately involved in photography and got my first DSLR camera in 2011. From then on it started…

2007 – My first digital camera

After the technical college and the civil service, I started my architecture studies at the Technical University Vienna in 2013. After intensive reconstruction work in my own home and the reorientation of my professional career, I started my own business as a professional photographer in 2017.

The complete raw food diet supports me since October 2016 and serves me since then as a inspiration in many areas of my life. It offers me the energy for my photo projects & realisation. Since the following applies in nature: “After enjoyment follows a meaningful activity in nature” – I am happy to recharge myself with pure inspiration with each meal. You will find this life energy also reflected in my work. 


Thank you,

Daniel Gepp