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💦 You can drink water. You can eat water.

 It’s the basis of life. One of the reasons why raw food has a detoxifying effect is the high percentage of natural water in most rawfoods. With fruit and vegetables this is mostly in the range of 80-90%. The living ingredients such as antioxidants and enzymes have a vitalising effect and can neutralise free radicals in the body. 🍉 The human body consists from birth on of approximately 90% water and decreases usually in the age to around 50%.

 I could test meanwhile some mineral and welfare waters. Among them are e.g. St. Leonhards and Preblauer, … The most vitalizing water that I tried so far was at a waterfall in the Thai jungle.

A good alternative, which seems practicable for me at home, is KANGEN WATER. One saves the transport of the bottles of medicinal water and can drink filtered water with a high basic PH value and antioxidants directly from one’s own drinking water pipe. Since I have been drinking KANGEN WATER, I have also had more enjoyment while eating. It feels as if the cells can absorb it better. The feeling between hunger and thirst can be better distinguished. It feels more refreshing, flowing and in order. It has also changed my body feeling. It feels like being a fish in water.

Basically the KANGEN device (Leveluk SD 501 Platinum) does the following:

* Filtering chlorine, rust and impurities … etc.
* Structuring of the water so that the cells can absorb it better
* Electrolysis to create ionized water. It then has an antioxidant effect on the body and can catch free radicals.
* High alkaline water with up to PH 9.5 is produced from tap water.


“No disease can exist in an alkaline environment. Not even cancer.” – Dr. Otto Waburg, winner of the Nobel Prize for Medicine.

Alkaline KANGEN WATER is therefore a way to strengthen the body independently or as a supplement to food, to order it and to support detoxifications. Longterm Reports show also various health improvements. Before the KANGEN device was installed, I also did some preperation with RayXWell. See crystallization pictures before and after treatment (rayxwell) in the following pictures. These have nothing to do with KANGEN, but are a kind of preparation of the water for the device. Cheaper alternatives are probably clean rainwater and water distillation.

If you are interested in alkaline, antioxidant and filtered water contact me: