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Personal Growth, walking-on-the-edge and sensitive teamwork. The male experience at Roots Camp was a worthy successor to last year’s “Men in the Woods” and I consider it THE MEN’S EVENT of the Year.

During the 4 days in the forest we were led to our limits, did medical hikes early in the morning, drummed together at the fire, worked out what it exactly means to be a man & came closer to nature. This year I found the event to be a special enrichment, as I had a kind of double role as a team member: 1. photography of the experiences in coordination with the team and their organization. So I was (2.) also allowed to experience and observe the intense team processes. I usually had a typical observer role from which I could keep track and capture the Men in the Woods in the best atmosphere.

I had the opportunity to push and expand my boundaries while staying in the forest overnight: I slept in a hammock between 2 massive trees and experienced one of the coolest nights. With about 8-10°C and stormy rain, I could expirience how cold, cold is. Of course also how hot, hot is. In the morning after that, there was a wonderful warming morning fire and a common breakfast.

The cooperation with Nico, Jörg and Hilliard was like working with fine tuned and well lubricated gearbox. Smooth cooperation and clear communication made the whole project flowing for the team as well. Since I am already a person that is in love with details (which can cost a lot of time), I came to a powerful realization during the well-known men’s rounds in the big tent: If we put the basics or the essence of our existence in the right order, or bring the core of our being into clarity and alignment, this also results in a “good” outside world. Success in life is something natural. Success is a reason to celebrate and we like to celebrate! Success happens almost as if by magic when the inner life is set correctly. So one of the most important insights for this Men in the Woods is: core in tune-> life in tune. The outside world originates from the inside world. We are creators. Details then follow this order over time or can be defined later. “Let’s get to the core! AHOOOO!”

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Big thanks to everyone who was there. Attached is a “Best of” of our 4 days in the forest. If you want event photography of this kind for your next project, contact me via

Have fun discovering it,