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100% Blog. Summer 2019.


Experience-Days Bali

BALI RETREAT Are you interested in raw foods and natural therapy? You want to feel fully nourished again and develop transformatively? Or are you feeling mentally and physically deprived? Then we would like to inspire you to a journey with raw foods as transformative...

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Travelblog: Borneo

The Origin Of Durian Borneo is considered as the origin of “The King of Fruits”. The varieties and Durian species surpass the supply in Thailand and Bali by far. Each country has its own specialities to offer. In Borneo the climate is quite mild during the day despite...

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Review: Kangen Water

💦 You can drink water. You can eat water.  It's the basis of life. One of the reasons why raw food has a detoxifying effect is the high percentage of natural water in most rawfoods. With fruit and vegetables this is mostly in the range of 80-90%. The living...

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Why 100 % raw?

Vital substances still occur in natural foods in such a way that the body receives all the nutrients it needs for robust health. High-quality raw food has an extremely high information content. During processing, substances (information) is lost or changed, e.g. vitamin B1, B5 & vitamin C – which are very sensitive to heat. A large part, if not all, of the processed products on the market originate from raw foods. Furthermore, proteins change: they thicken from 42°C & anyone who has ever had a fever knows what it feels like. The information contained in our food is used as a building material in our body for optimal performance, well-being & health.

With the work as a photographer I want to establish this form of nutrition with journeys, travel reports, analysis of the infrastructure locally, etc. This should allow a more sustainable using of our body, the ressources, the planet and living animals on it.

This form of nutrition requires integrity and responsibility in everyday life. The highest quality fats, carbohydrates, vitamins from Mother Nature & of course the enjoyment are an ideal base to achieve higher states of health & consciousness. Furthermore the raw food promotes a continiuty in spiritual development.

Based on my personal expirience and that of many practitioners raw food leads to a more peaceful and solution-oriented approach to our own body and the environment.